August 2016 News

The Babies have still been loving the sunshine and all the water play that comes with it. This has all linked especially well to our SUMMER theme in August. We enjoyed making ice lollies with Cristian, creating our own postcards and exploring transport to take us away to sunnier climes.

Toddlers have loved our ‘transport’ theme tying in with summer holidays. As our summer comes to a gradual close we are now focusing on ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ as we have lots of new children joining us in September. We are looking forward to meeting them and the children will be finding out about each others families and pets. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about our different body parts with lots of messy activities and learning through play. Self portraits will be created and no doubt we will have even more ‘works of art’ as our little ones create their very own masterpieces. Please help us enhance these activities by providing us with family photo’s.

In Pre-school we have all said goodbye to our 2016 graduates. We wish you all the best at your big school and we will miss you all dearly! We will also be welcoming our new children who are going to start at our nursery school at the beginning of the new academic year. Our main theme for September is ALL ABOUT ME. Pre-School is setting up a ‘Treasure Box’ where we will keep small Talismans. We are also introducing to Pre-Schooler’s, a travelling Monkey called Malcom, with his very own journal. Every weekend Malcolm will be going to each child’s home to spend the weekend with them.