Weekly Monkey News

Dear Parents & Carers…. our Weekly Monkey News!

Week Commencing: 14th November 2016

Dates for your diaries:

monkey_puzzle_r_pudseysignOn Friday we are fundraising for Children in Need. There will be a touch of sadness surrounding this year’s show, without our longtime host Terry Wogan – but the stars will hope to raise as much money as possible in his honour. We need your help too! We want to raise funds towards the great work that the charity does each year, so we will be holding a cake sale… make sure you treat yourself to something sweet for the weekend. Also, we would like to invite your little ones to wear comfy Pyjamas, slippers etc 🙂 … Donations welcome – please pass these to your child’s room.

Whats happening in your child’s room next week:

Babies will be focusing on bears.

We will be going on a bear hunt in the garden on Monday. On Tuesday we will be making warm porridge to enjoy, just like baby bear ;0). On Wednesday we will be having a teddy bears picnic for tea (please bring in your teddy bears to join in the fun!) On Thursday we will be involved in activities that are big and small (just like Goldilocks when she tried each item in the bears house) and Friday we shall be focusing on music and movement with materials and ribbons!

How exciting!!!


going-on-a-bear-huntThis week in Teenies we will continue to read ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ We will be encouraging all children to take part in a variety of activities to create our interactive ‘bear hunt’ board. This will include exploring the different phrases that are mentioned in the book, linking them to the different textures. We will also be using the various autumn colours, e.g red, orange and brown. These colours will be incorporated during the many messy activities the children will take part in, such as cornflour play, crazy foam etc.

stick-manOur Toddles have really enjoyed learning about Stick Man. This week we shall be taking part in matching games for attention and recall, singing songs, creating stick men, developing our counting range with sticks, developing our shape recognition through printing shapes, and learning about how trees grow. We shall also be making some fabulous autumn collages with raw materials.

Preschool have really enjoyed the Supertato story which has led them to begin to make much more healthy choices with vegetables. We shall be planting our own army of evil peas next week to grow! (pls can we have some empty yoghurt pots?) The evil pea is on the loose over the weekend – I wonder what mayhem he will cause? 😉

Next we shall be introducing Julia Donaldson’s Squash and a Squeeze, where we shall be focusing on letters and sounds, fine and gross motor development and spatial awareness. We will be developing animal sound lotto games, filling balloons with different materials to squeeze and squash, developing understanding of texture. We shall also be using descriptive words and describing sounds to support speech and muscle tone.

Letters and Sounds (for children not yet ready for Phonics): Aspect 1, environmental sounds – lotto games

Phonics letter of the week is: A

Keeping you in the loop…

Staff training/annual leave:

Rachel from Teenies will be on annual leave all week – Charlotte and Hannah shall be overseeing Teenies in her absence.

Update on our improvement plan at the nursery:

We have been extremely busy working on improving the setting over the last week and would like to share our progress with you:

– Implementation of adult engagement observations and room monitoring audits to improve activities at practice
– Reviewing planning documents to create a more ‘child-led through interests’ system which are introduced through clear teaching points and possible lines of development (P.L.O.D)
– Managerial presence within rooms to support facilitation of the curriculum and to enhance activities.
– Training session with Rachael Underwood, focusing on ‘Talk the Talk – children interactions’ which developed the practitioners’ understanding of how to support children learning through communication
– Our managers and senior nursery practitioners are attending Leadership & Management training over the weekend.

We’re cooking up a storm!

Want to know what Cristian is cooking this week? Here is our tasty menu for next week….