Weekly Monkey News

Newsleter logoHAPPY NEW YEAR!
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year… and that you are sticking to at least a few of your NY resolutions!!

We are all feeling sprightly, and have started the new year with a bang. The team are excited about all the lovely activities that we have lined up for the children this year… and what a great start we’ve had so far!

Welcome to all of our new starters – children and staff.

Is your child a focus child for the week? If so, and you have been given a form to fill in from your child’s key person PLEASE remember to bring it back. It is vital we have this to plan individually for your child!
Teenies shall be moving over to the new style planning on 30th January 2017!

Babies have been exploring their senses. We shall continue to explore all 5 senses through various engaging activities. We have also spent time this week working on self-feeding and being independent.

Teenies have been exploring ‘All about me’ this week. They have made their own little houses and explored what they look like in the mirror. Next week we shall be looking at what makes us unique. We will be planning activities daily ‘in honour of’ the children within the room – exploring what we all like, for example if a child loves yellow, we will plan activities in the afternoon to be yellow!

Please can you provide us with photos of family so we can make family trees.

Staff update: Hannah Gray will be on annual leave next Friday, Kayleigh will be managing Teenies in her absence.

0ead8981-5b51-4d8f-861b-dd1af17d2b2dToddlers have been focusing on the ‘Hooray for Fish’ book. Teaching points from this book have allowed us to explore counting, patterns, shapes, sizes, emotions and feelings… their exploration continues next week.

Pre-schoolers have been immersed in lots of wonderful activities and projects about Dinosaurs. This shall be continuing through next week… as there is just so much to find out!
We would like to start up ‘Show and Tell’ on Wednesday’s. This week we will be focusing on family. Please can you provide your little ones with photos of their family (including pets) to share with the group.

Do you have any of the ‘Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs’ books at home? if so we would be very grateful to borrow them! The children love this range, but currently we only have a few…

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