Happy Birthday Monkey Puzzle Weybridge


Monday 13th – Friday 17th February 2017
Check out our week of crazy fun to celebrate our 3rd birthday!

Make sure your little one’s join in the fun, especially on Friday for ‘dress-up’ day… get your creative hats on mum’s and dad’s!


Balloon day – “Get ready for a popping day full of balloons”

ACTIVITY: The nursery will be filled with 3 colours of balloons – red, pink & white
The children are allowed to burst the balloons as inside one of the balloons is a ‘no. 3’….whoever finds it wins a prize!!


St Valentine’s day – “Celebrate in style by wearing 3 colours..red, pink and white…”

ACTIVITY: The children will be writing a love letter to a special person. Best love letter wins a prize!

MONKEY MINI-CHEF: Our little mini-chef’s will be making heart-shaped shortbread

Crazy Banana Day – “Why? Because Monkey’s love them!”

1. It’s a YELLOW day! Staff and children to wear something with yellow
2. Children will learn all about bananas, where they come from, who eats them, health benefits….
3. Practitioners Prize – best activity inspired and created by a practitioner. Practitioner wins a prize for their room


Party in the Garden – “Girls and boys come out to play!”

ACTIVITY: Outdoor fun and games with Sports 4 Kids

MONKEY MINI-CHEF: Sporty tropical smoothies for snack with 3 fruits – apple, mango, pineapple


Time to SHINE – “This is your stage, let your imagination run wild and be who you want to be!”

ACTIVITY: Children dress up in their own homemade costume… best costume wins a prize! (one prize per room)
Children make shiny silver and gold stars to hang in their rooms… every child is a star!

MONKEY MINI-CHEF: Decorate the 3-tiers of nursery birthday cup cakes… one tier for each year!!

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