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a15ecd1c-f010-45c1-bcae-a192269c780dAs we come to an the end of our “American Dream’ month we have had a fantastic time learning all about it and creating some wonderful things! Watch this space to find out where we will be jetting off to in June…


Helen Stafford is running ‘Mini-first Aid’ here at the nursery on 25th May. 20% discount applicable for all Monkey Puzzle parents.

If you wish to book a place please contact Helen on:

(e): helen@minifirstaid.co.uk
(w): www.surrey.minifirstaid.co.uk
(m): 07941 285324

Charlotte created some wonderful sensory play for the babies last week with flowers, ice, play foam and marshmallow play dough…


We are having a BBQ in our garden on… Saturday 3rd June!

Please could you bring along some meat and we will provide the rest! We will be running so stalls and activities for the children and offering massage for the mums. There will be lots to keep the kids entertained and fees may apply to certain activities…

Please let reception know if you are able to join us and we can pop you on the list!



BABIES…Next week we will be learning all about mini beasts, we will be getting out little hands stuck into some fabulous sensory activities, painting our very own ladybird plates and using our imagination to create some beautiful butterflies.

TEENIES… We are going to be reading ‘Walking through the jungle’ book and relating the story to all the noises, sounds, characteristics and movements that the jungle animals make…ROAR!

TODDLERS… As Father’s Day is approaching, we will be starting to read ‘I love you daddy’. We will be talking about things that we do at home with daddy and what things we enjoy doing when we spend time with him. We are still going to be concentrating on our numbers 1 & 2 and also be talking about the letter ”S”

PRE-SCHOOL… This week our value is ”HYGIENE”, we will be talking about our own personal hygiene and how important it is to keep clean as well as keeping our home and school clean and tidy… Our project is going to be all about Spaceships & Asteroids…What happens if a big asteroid hits Earth? I bet our Pre-Schoolers will be able to tell us!

TODDLERS have had a wonderful time last week creating some fabulous artwork using fruit and vegetable stamping…


Well done to Liam in Teenies who has created a wonderful artistic creation of the ”Statue of Liberty”

You are our top MESSY MONKEY this week. Well done Liam it is fantastic!



This month’s Golden Ticket goes to Amanda our wonderful resident chef.

Not only is Amanda a great cook and baker, but she excelled her chocolatier skills all over Easter as she helped the children make their own Easter Eggs!

Amanda has also been instrumental in taking Monkey Mini-Chef across the globe, travelling to various countries so that the children learn all about our world, different cultures and different food.

Thank you Amanda for all your hard work. Enjoy your shopping treat! xx

1FIRST AID… Where we share tips and advice from St Johns Ambulance with parents

This week we are focusing on : Croup in children

Croup is a childhood condition that makes it difficult to breathe. Croup is caused by the inflammation of the windpipe (trachea) and the voice box (larynx). Children with croup have difficulty breathing, a distinctive barking cough and may have a croaky voice. Croup can usually be diagnosed by a GP and treated at home. If an attack of croup is severe and doesn’t go away, call 999 or 112 for emergency help.

Next weeks menu will be : Week 3