Project Fairy

As holiday season is in full swing we would like to make you aware that a lot of our staff will be enjoying their well-deserved summer break, and we hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather too!  For the next 3 to 5 weeks you may see some agency staff in the nursery, only if we need to use them. This is to ensure that we are in ratio and we are delivering the best care we possibly can for your little ones. Feel rest-assured that we only use two reputable agencies and always request the same practitioners who know your children and therefore can provide consistency in their teaching.

This quieter time over the holidays gives us the opportunity to allow a few of our teachers to work in different rooms and get a feel for all the age groups. This is mostly at their request as they wish to gain experience of all ages of development across the nursery to further build on their knowledge. We will still maintain consistency with your little ones learning and development as we operate a buddy system with our Monkey Mates, so your child has two key people ensuring their welfare needs are always met.

Within this project we may allocate a new key teacher to your little one if we do move them to a new room. This hasn’t been decided as yet, the teachers are heavily involved in this decision making. We are listening to all our girls and trying to make sure that they are working with the age group they suit best and within the team where their skills suit. We are keeping in mind at all times the children’s needs and their comfort. We can ensure you that the transition process between rooms and key teachers will be well thought through and you will be informed appropriately.

As always, we are constantly refreshing the nursery, keeping it well-maintained, decorating, cleaning, tidying… and more importantly bringing in new resources to aid learning. We are in the process of refreshing the rooms, there are new resources on order, new furniture, and I am sure you have noticed our new reception desk already :).  So watch this space for more exciting developments!

Through our recent parent survey you commended our communication with you, and we are just informing you of this project to keep you up-to-date with potential changes at this stage. The potential movement of teachers is only a small trial, and will be well-considered and executed seamlessly, to ensure minimal inconvenience. Any changes made will be communicated to you at the beginning of September…our deadline for Project Fairy! So please do keep an eye on MONKEY NEWS and FaceBook updates for more details.

As ever, please do contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Monkey Puzzle Management Team