February 2016 News

Dear parents & friends,

This month we celebrated our 2nd birthday. It’s incredible to think that we are about to head in to our 3rd year here at Monkey Puzzle Weybridge!

What a great journey. Lots of fantastic children who have come and gone have been nurtured and educated while in our care. We’ve had laughter, tears, first steps and first teeth. We’ve potty trained by various means – from singing to running water…. We’ve even calmed parents on their ‘first day’ and made many, many comforting cuppa’s.

We’ve completed a full cycle academic year and sadly said goodbye to a bunch of bright little graduates as they embarked on the next part of their journey – big school. Confident, capable and creative beings; writing their name and tying their own shoelaces.

We have gone from strength to strength constantly bringing new initiatives into the setting to ensure that we are offering the highest quality provision in childcare. We have a robust management team who entirely focus on the provision in their rooms and ensure they have the perfect learning environments to support your child’s wellbeing and education. Moreover, we have identified children who have been achieving higher than the expected level for their age, and challenged and supported them further.

We’ve been commended for the effectiveness of our safeguarding procedures, our organisation, our administration and our relationships with you our parents. In fact, we’ve never been in a better place.

Our little ones who we have in our care now always brighten up our days, each and every one of them. They put a smile on our faces every morning! And we continually welcome more amazing children and families into our fold, now on a daily basis.

We are a friendly bunch and hopefully have made you feel very welcome while you have been part of our journey. We think we’re doing OK, and we hope you do too. We are proud of the nursery and the superb work that the practitioners do. Their daily support of children with speech and language, global developmental delay, hyper mobility, English as an additional language, and many more additional needs is second to none.

Please take time to read our lovely testimonials; thank you to everyone who sent in kind words.

And thanks so much for all your support over the last year, and indeed the last two years. We’ve loved every minute of our journey so far!

With love

Nikki & team x