September 2016 News


Our theme for September was ‘All About Me’ where the babies explored their families with photo albums, looking at different places and faces as well as their own faces with mirrors. They did an amazing piece of art using their bodies as tools. They looked at different countries and the difference in faces and then explored their own face using mirrors. Tommy Thumb and 12345 were songs of choice this month as they used their fingers while they sang. Using jelly, corn flour and custard they got messy exploring their likes and dislikes.

Look at the fantastic BODY PAINTING that the babies did…. this is a huge painting and has taken prize position in our hall of fame!


Following the theme of ‘All About Me’ the children learned about many different cultures. They looked at their facial features and body parts by doing self portraits, singing songs such as ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and identifying themselves in photos taken at home and in nursery. They made family books, which encouraged the children to identify their family members such as Mummy & Daddy.

Teenies created a wonderful masterpiece with foot and hand prints…


In circle time the Toddlers looked at photos of their families and discussed who was in their family including their pets. They then drew and painted pictures of their families. They explored senses having fun-feeling different textures. Using flour they wrote our names and mark made. They all attended Sports4Kids where they investigated the movements their bodies made by skipping, hopping and jumping.

Toddlers also created a wonderful Body Map, drawing the areas of their own bodies….


The role play area was transformed into a hospital. The children learned about the organs in their body and explored skeletons making their own x-ray pictures using cotton buds..

Check out their amazing SKELETON …..

They created their height chart and each child took turns to measure themselves…exploring how tall they are and how their height compares to their friends. Fantastic cut-out’s with their photo faces!

Pre-schoolers also discovered how they could make their face out of play-doh!

And…their beautiful family tree continues to grow! Lots of photo’s now show the children’s families – mum’s, dad’s, grandparents and family pets!

Messy Monkey of the Month

Congratulations to Amelie for her ‘body art’ painting, making her winner of ‘painting of the week’. Well done… our top Messy Monkey of the month!