Weekly Monkey News

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day.

The true spirit of Christmas is to believe in making wishes and have faith they can come true.
To believe that you can find some joy in everything you do.
To believe in giving gladly for no reason, just because
To believe in love…That’s what it means to believe in Santa Claus.

Next week we will be continuing all our magical creations throughout the nursery along with singing, dancing and make-believing. Santa will be visiting us all next week at our Christmas parties so let’s make sure we are very good.

Monkey Mini-Chef travels the world…
1Cristian took the children to Spain this week! They had fun chopping up all the vegetables, although there were a few teary eyes with the spring onions, but the Mini-Chefs did a great job!

December dates for your diary….
Monday 19th – Red and Green day
Tuesday 20th – Tinsel Day & under 2’s Christmas party
Wednesday 21st – Onesie Day and over 3’s Christmas Party
Thursday 22nd – Christmas dress-up day
Friday 23rd – Christmas jumper day

N.B – Our last nursery day is 23rd December and we will re-open on 3rd January 2017!

3The Christmas photographs taken by Adam Hollier are now available, they are gorgeous. Please contact us for details on how to order.

New Team Member…


Great news and a big warm welcome to Maria Palacios from Spain who will be joining us from January. Maria is a motivated bilingual (Spanish, English) practitioner with two degrees, one in Special Needs and one in Early Childhood. Maria has over five years experience as a Social Worker and Assistant Teacher. She spent two years in Dublin as a Pre-School teacher and is very excited about living in the UK. Maria will join the Pre-School room at the beginning of January 2017.

…The results are in…

Winner 2016:
Katie Burlinson for… Being kind, caring, passionate and loving what she does!

Runners up:
Pavla Teclova for… Being very professional, bringing a warm and comforting feel to Pre-school.
Debbie Sheenan – Debbie shows us all how personable she is by welcoming her children in everyday and the positive impact she has in her room.

Picture of the Week!


Well done MOLLY MAE (Teenies), you are our top MESSY MONKEY this week for your wonderful creation of this superb Christmas tree! Thank you for you wonderful creativity.

Extra Curricular
Monkey Movers: Next week we will be putting all our dance moves that we have learnt into practice and creating a fabulous dance routine, tap, street dance, ballet and modern.

Hola Amigos: The children will be learning Christmas greetings, songs, animals e.g.reindeers, seasons and lots more festive words that children can use over Christmas.

Yoga – We hope our magic spells worked and Santa will be on his way to visit us next week, but just in case we are going to make sure we practice all our skills once more before Sunday arrives.

Monkey Mini-Chef
We will be cooking and baking in our rooms next week so be on the look out for some tasty treats at home time.

Next Week: WINTER MENU NO. 4 (see website)

Self evaluation and improvement
We continue to drive great practice into the setting:

• We are now using an online tracking system to identify gaps within the children’s ages and stage of developmental learning.
• Reviewed staff deployment in line with skills and personalities to improve overall team work effectiveness.


Weekly Monkey News

‘Tis the season to be jolly…..

December is a great season of goodwill and happiness. So Christmas is greeted with special merriment and rejoicing everywhere. Not only is it an occasion for happy family gatherings and festivities, but it is also a great time for children to celebrate this wonderful festive season!

Babies & Teenies:

Next week we will be continuing to celebrate the festive season. We will be creating and decorating Christmas baubles and festive snowmen. The children will be able to choose their own paint and decorating crafts eg cotton wool, crepe paper etc
We will also be creating a Christmas sensory tray involving baubles, Santa hats, glitter, pom poms………..

Last but not least we will be singing lots and lots of Christmas songs to dance along to.


Next week we will be continuing to decorate our room ready for Christmas, so please take a peek and let us know what you think… The children have been working very hard to create some wonderful festive artwork so please make sure you take it home and pop it on your fridge.


Next week we will be getting ready for the Christmas countdown…….. Bauble decorating, Christmas carols, paper chains. Oh how we love this time of year!
We will be focusing on our letters and sounds by playing musical instruments and keeping fit and creating our very own shape lotto. Lookout for our window mosaic made out of coloured cellophane, it will be magical.

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Weekly Monkey News

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Such a fun time of the year… lots for the children to see and do during this festive season, and throughout the winter months. What have we got planned for your little monkey’s next week??

Next week we will be continuing to make all our sparkly Christmas decorations – snowmen, reindeer and Santa’s. We will be creating a Santa’s Grotto in our room to enjoy this magical time of year!

…will be reading Peppa Pigs “Christmas”, making our very own paper chains to decorate our room and look at all the bright colours we used. Look out for our fabulous artwork that we will be creating next week, Christmas trees and stars out of glitter and pom poms!

Next week we will be making some Christmas decorations to take home and hang on the tree…….it is a surprise so you will have to wait and see what we create!! Also, we will be reading a variety of Christmas and wintery stories next week so if your little one has a favorite please bring it in to share it with us all!

Our Pre-schoolers will be reading “The Ginger Bread Man”, creating our very own Ginger Bread Men and decorating them. We will be keeping fit all week by starting our chilly mornings off with a few exercises and rounding the days up with a magical obstacle course in the garden.

Watch out for our masterpiece Christmas trees that we will construct out of red and green strips of paper! We will also be testing out our sense of smell and collecting some lovely Christmas scents to see what they smell like and if we like them or not – star anise, cinnamon, oranges, cloves, pine needles, ginger and lots lots more… very aromatic! The nursery will smell wonderful…

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