We Need Your Help…

Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Friends!

Our Pre-Schoolers have sparked some interest in the following areas…People who help us, Heros and Occupations.

We would like to expand on these three areas, creating exploration, wonderment and understanding of who we are, what we do and why! After all not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up to be a superhero!

Do you have a hidden talent/in a job role that you can share with the children? Then we would love to invite you to come and visit the children and tell them all about your job. It could be anything from a Midwife to a Computer Programmer…the list is endless.

If you think you are up for the challenge of teaching our children a little something about what awaits for them in the big wide world, we would love to hear from you and book you in for a one hour slot to talk to the children. We will be able to provide you with any support or help you might need on the day.

Please email us or call us if you would like to come in and let the children know about what you do.

Anyone that is able to help out will be put into a draw and stand a chance of winning… £60 worth of Pizza Express vouchers!

Weekly Monkey News

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As March creeps up on us very quickly we will be celebrating lots of special occasions during the month. We will be celebrating World Book Week, Mother’s Day and St Patricks Day to name but a few…

‘We love March ’cause Spring is almost in the air’


Children’s Book Week is the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading. Established way back in 1919, it is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country! And we will be having lots of fun by taking part… here is what we have lined up!

Monday 27th – Book crafts
We will be doing lots of crazy creative crafts around some of our favourite books.

Tuesday 28th – Baking Day
Chef aprons at the ready for a fun day of baking and cooking including some scrummy pancakes!

Wednesday 1st March – Story Sack Day
The children will create their own story sacks for their rooms and they will be the main character.

Book Fair with Kirsty 3.30 – 6.30pm

**Thursday 2nd – WORLD BOOK DAY!**
Come dressed as your favourite book character and take part in our Character Catwalk – Prizes up for grabs!

Friday 3rd – Pyjama Day
One of our favourite days….snuggle up, bring your blanket and teddy and get ready for a day full of relaxation and stories.


11Buster’s staying with Grandma on the farm. But where will he find the eggs for breakfast? Not in the stable — oh dear! Our children will love lifting the flaps as they turn the pages and follow Buster around the farm.


A sunny garden hums, buzzes, creeps and crawls with life. Lift the flaps and peep through the delicate laser-cut holes to discover a whole host of butterflies, birds and bees, caterpillars, squirrels, frogs and other garden wildlife.

We will be creating our own garden creatures with lots of colours, sticking, painting and mark making.


12A Bear has settled in Mouse’s favourite chair–and that chair just isn’t big enough for two. He tries all kinds of tactics to move the pesky Bear but nothing works and poor Mouse gives up. Once Mouse has gone, Bear gets up and walks home.


13Next week for ‘World Book Week’ we will be reading SUPERWORM!

Never fear, Superworm’s here! He can fish Spider out of a well, and rescue Toad from a busy road. But who will come to Superworm’s rescue, when he’s captured by a wicked Wizard Lizard? We will be learning about what they eat and where they live… To view the full newsletter, please click here.

Weekly Monkey News

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Thank You! What more can we say… We have had the most wonderful week and had so much fun! Thank you to all the children and parents for making our 3rd birthday so special and definitely one to remember.

…AND THE WINNER IS… The gorgeous Rupert from BABIES, what a superb costume to celebrate our 3rd birthday!

Thank you to everyone for all their efforts for our special week!

BABIES… This week we will be exploring lots of sensory books – some with noises, some with fluff and some with lots of different textures!
Sensory play is important for children… especially for our little babies as it stimulates their senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.
We will then create our very own sensory books to encourage the children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.

TEENIES… This week we will be looking at “Pirate Pete’s Potty” We will be creating our own pirate adventure… making flags, pirate hats, maps, treasure and finding X marks the spot!

A leading researcher in the field of cognitive development says “when children pretend, they’re not just being silly—they’re doing science”. But pretend play is not only important for children; it’s a crucial part of what makes all humans so smart… And that’s why our Early Years Educators are all so clever, by creating lots of role play with the children!

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Weekly Monkey News

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3 years ago we opened Monkey Puzzle, Weybridge and what an adventure it has been. We have had lots and lots of laughs, cuddles and plenty of happiness. We are looking forward to spending the next year with all our wonderful parents & children.

This week is all about celebrating our birthday and we have planned lots of very exciting games and activities that the children will be getting involved with, lots of opportunities to learn! From popping balloons and eating cake to dress-up days and garden parties! We are going to have a blast and make sure it is one to remember.

Come and celebrate with us…….

3Monday 13th – Balloon Day!
“Get ready for a popping day full of balloons”

Tuesday 14th – Valentine’s Day!
We will be celebrating by wearing red, pink and white… and don’t forget to look out for your love letter’s!

Wednesday 15th – Crazy Banana Day!
Go crazy and wear your brightest yellow outfit you can find.

Thursday 16th – Sporty Day!
Party in the Garden with lots of outdoor fun and games.

Friday 17th – Our Birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dress up in your best homemade costume, we can’t wait to see what they have created.

Monkey Mini-Chef celebrates turning 3!

We will be creating some very delicious dishes and sweet treats this week…..all in the name of LOVE!

Next week’s menu – we will be following WEEK 3 MENU


Friday 10th Feb:
Amanda attended her Ready, Steady, Cook course to further enhance cooking with the children, bringing even more creative ideas into our Monkey Mini-Chef cooking club.

Saturday 18th & 25th Feb:
Paediatric First Aid Training will continue with the second group of staff – supporting our vision and objectives in working towards the Millie’s Mark Award.

Tuesday 21st Feb:
Aimee will be attending a course on How Children Learn and Develop, and will be taking her learnings into Pre-school to further drive great practice, enhancing the children’s learning and development.

Thursday 23rd Feb:
Katie will be completing her 3rd and final day of her
Code of Practice and Inclusion for SEND course, making Katie our qualified Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

Friday 24th Feb:
Nikki will be attending Compliance Training with Head Office, to keep abreast of changes in legislation and ensure that our Policies and Procedures continue to be robust

Nikki McReynolds, Director of the Nursery, will be embarking on a big challenge this year. Nikki will be running the Brighton Marathon in April in aid of The NSPCC. She has been training as much as she can… and apart from a little twinge in her back she is looking strong!

If you would like to sponsor Nikki, no matter how big or small, The NSPCC and Nikki will appreciate it tremendously!

Thank you for all your support.

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Special Enrolment Package


Happy Birthday Monkey Puzzle Weybridge


Monday 13th – Friday 17th February 2017
Check out our week of crazy fun to celebrate our 3rd birthday!

Make sure your little one’s join in the fun, especially on Friday for ‘dress-up’ day… get your creative hats on mum’s and dad’s!


Balloon day – “Get ready for a popping day full of balloons”

ACTIVITY: The nursery will be filled with 3 colours of balloons – red, pink & white
The children are allowed to burst the balloons as inside one of the balloons is a ‘no. 3’….whoever finds it wins a prize!!


St Valentine’s day – “Celebrate in style by wearing 3 colours..red, pink and white…”

ACTIVITY: The children will be writing a love letter to a special person. Best love letter wins a prize!

MONKEY MINI-CHEF: Our little mini-chef’s will be making heart-shaped shortbread

Crazy Banana Day – “Why? Because Monkey’s love them!”

1. It’s a YELLOW day! Staff and children to wear something with yellow
2. Children will learn all about bananas, where they come from, who eats them, health benefits….
3. Practitioners Prize – best activity inspired and created by a practitioner. Practitioner wins a prize for their room


Party in the Garden – “Girls and boys come out to play!”

ACTIVITY: Outdoor fun and games with Sports 4 Kids

MONKEY MINI-CHEF: Sporty tropical smoothies for snack with 3 fruits – apple, mango, pineapple


Time to SHINE – “This is your stage, let your imagination run wild and be who you want to be!”

ACTIVITY: Children dress up in their own homemade costume… best costume wins a prize! (one prize per room)
Children make shiny silver and gold stars to hang in their rooms… every child is a star!

MONKEY MINI-CHEF: Decorate the 3-tiers of nursery birthday cup cakes… one tier for each year!!

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Weekly Monkey News

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Love is all around us…
Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love – Mother Teresa

February is a busy month for us as we celebrate: Valentine’s Day, our 3rd year birthday, a special Enrolment Week… and kindness month!

BABIES… This week we will be making our own pink play dough to squish squidge and cut out some heart shapes. We will start to create our Valentine’s cards so…. look out for yours…

TEENIES… This week we will be making some animal masks out of paper mâché to create our animal corner in our room so look out for our beautiful creations of Monkeys, Koalas and Tigers!

TODDLERS… This week we will be learning all about Minibeasts!

1This brilliantly beastly, bouncy rhyming romp from Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz will delight the many fans of this bestselling duo. From slugs and snails to bustling beetles and beautiful butterflies, these rhymes are full of humour and great to read aloud. The bright, bold artwork is full of child appeal so check out the displays and wonderful artwork that the little one’s will be creating!

2PRE SCHOOL… The Carrot Cake Catastrophe features one eager little cook, one short-sighted grandad, lots of fun and oodles of mess….and a wonderful birthday surprise. It has all the ingredients for a delicious culinary comedy, perfect to share with your loved ones.

Pre-School will be focusing on reading and taking instructions just like the recipe in our book…and making a Carrot Cake!

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