‘I just wanted to drop you a very quick note, to say that we are so happy with Sienna’s progress in Teenies. She has an amazing bond with Emily, who Mark and I both think is fantastic, as does Sienna. When Emily and I discussed Sienna’s JDP, as I asked for the focus to be on her speech, she came on leaps and bounds almost instantly (a bit too well!).

I also think that Megan is a wonderful addition to the Teenies team, she is so reassuring and communicative when I drop Sienna off, I am always happy that Sienna is in the very best hands.

Please pass on our thanks and warm wishes to both Emily and Megan.’

‘My little girl Harriet loves going to Monkey Puzzle especially now that she has moved up to Teenies (she has always loved being around older children); she has made some special friends already and she has really good bonds with the teachers there too. She always seems to be in her element and confidently playing when I arrive to pick her up, her speech is really coming along and she has a lot of fun when she is there. Everyone is really personable and there is always a smiling face on the front desk waiting to welcome you all, they’re always helpful and they’re particularly good at dealing with hormonal mums with newborn baby brain ‘


“All the staff at the Monkey Puzzle Weybridge,

We cannot thank you enough for the amazing care that our child has received over the past 2 years. He has loved coming to nursery everyday and always talks about his friends and the lovely staff. We knew from the moment we stepped into Monkey Puzzle that it was the right environment for him and he has come on leaps an bounds in all areas of his development. We are very sad that he is leaving, and I know that he will miss you all so much. I am sure he will still shout ‘there’s Monkey Puzzle’ every time we drive past.

Everyone’s hard work is very much appreciated and we wish everyone all the very best. THANK YOU! :)”

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy we are with the way your team have helped Benjamin settle into Monkey Puzzle! As you know it was a huge adjustment for all of us, so we are super happy that HE seems so happy! In particular, Jo is just wonderful!! I’m sure you have been told this before, but we just love her. The observations she posts about Benjamin’s activities are fantastic – we send them to his Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles – we all love them!!” From G & B

“To all the special people at Monkey Puzzle

A very big thank you to you all for everything you’ve all done for Ella and for being such a special part of Ella’s little life.

We will miss you all terribly! Monkey Puzzle is a very special place and you’re a great team. We’ll never forget you.

All the best”

Kevin, Taryn, Ella and Olivia Bailey

“Dear everyone at monkey puzzle, A huge thank you to you all for helping Seb settle so well into the nursery, we couldn’t be happier! Its lovely to have staff from other rooms say hello to him and know his name.

You’ve been so accommodating and we are so impressed and grateful at how you fitted him in and started so quickly during quite a stressful time.

Thank you for all your hard work and we hope you have a lovely easter.”

I just wanted to drop you a line to say that we are so happy with the transition that Sienna has made settling in to your nursery. All of the staff have been amazing, especially Rachel, Charlotte, Claire B, Claire S, Alyson, Hannah, Neha, Stephanie and Jenna. I don’t particularly like to list out names as I will inevitably and unintentionally miss someone out, but I can say that there is genuinely no-one I’ve encountered who hasn’t introduced themselves or engaged with me and/or Sienna in a really positive way. Despite this being only her third week, Sienna has come on leaps and bounds already, with her walking, talking and her fine motor skills. But most importantly she is happy and relaxed whenever I drop her off or pick her up .Please pass on our thanks to everyone. Rachael (and Mark)

Hi girls! It is a shame I just started using elog, so I am reading your comments now. They are so valuable to me! Reading now I could see how fast he is developing! Thank you for all your support! Larissa Debiagi Villas Boas Medeiros,
Mother of Matheus Medeiros

“It was my sons first day today at monkey puzzle, I was blown away with the little touches that made it so much easier for me and Grayson, a welcome poster for us and a goodie bag for mummy with a lovely personalised poem. The build up to him starting has been fantastic and well organised! Lovely girls in a clean, fun, safe environment ! Couldn’t recommend enough X” Charley

“I currently have had my son at Monkey Puzzle in Weybridge since March 2017! George started in babies at around 10 months old. I visited a huge amount of nurseries in the local area and was at my wits end, as I couldn’t find a nursery that felt personal enough for George’s needs. George is a sensitive soul and I wanted a nursery that would be able to treat him as an individual rather than a number. The minute I met Nikki and the team at Monkey Puzzle I knew this was the right place for George, it just felt so personal And like one big family!

Since joining George has grown to be more independent, his language has improved, his ability to adapt to different situations quickly and most of all his personality has started to shine! The staff in babies have helped develop George into a confident little boy who is no longer afraid of his own shadow! I get regular updates of all the fun activities George has participated in which include things like planting and growing flowers, painting, learning to feed himself, making and eating biscuits (to name only a few of the activities) I cannot thank the staff in babies enough for the cuddles, love, time and patience they have shown him! Both George and I love Monkey Puzzle it feels like an extension of our family! ” Katie W

“My daughter has been at Monkey Puzzle since April 2017. Prior to starting she had spent her first 3 years at home with family and attended a childminder 2 days a week. The nursery environment was something new to all of us and securing her a place where she would be safe and happy was very important to us. I visited the majority of the nurseries in and around the area.

What attracted us most to Monkey Puzzle was without a doubt the staff. Everyone is happy, friendly and welcoming. Their confidence and enthusiam around Madi made her feel valued and included. She cried because she didn’t want to leave on her first day!

Second to Madi being happy we need to know our child is safe. Monkey puzzle is well staffed and their security policies around child collection, confidentiality recording and reporting are detailed and thorough. I never have to question my child’s safety while in Monkey Puzzles’ care.

Madi has flourished over the last few months. Her confidence has grown and she is remarkably more independent. Her language and numeracy skills have development significantly and we are now confident that she will be more than ready for her next step into “big school”.

I am pleased that the recent inspection grade reflects the amazing work that the Monkey Puzzle team have done to contribute to my daughters development and happiness. We are proud to be a part of the the Monkey Puzzle family:) ”


“We are Simon and Charley, the parents of 2-year-old Grayson who has been attending Monkey Puzzle nursery since June this year.

We had visited quite a few nurseries before he started and monkey puzzle is now his second nursery, the previous nurseries were all lovely but there was always something I wasn’t happy with.

As soon as we walked in to Monkey Puzzle on our show round we got a great feeling, it was safe, clean and so friendly. Everyone was welcoming Grayson and chatting to him as we walked around on our tour, they all knew his name and made us feel very comfortable

On his first day it was so special, a welcome sign for him on arrival, a goodie bag for mummy and daddy to help calm our first day nerves, I felt so happy and at ease leaving him.

Since starting Monkey Puzzle Grayson’s speech has come on so much, with Monkey Puzzle you really work with them as a team to support your child’s personal needs

They are fantastic at communicating with you, whether its via weekly newsletters, when you drop off and collect or the focus weeks they have which they alternate with the children so each child has tailor made learning fun…… they are also interested in what’s going on at home so they can incorporate that into the learning too.
We have always struggled with Grayson’s eating habits and since starting the money puzzle he has tried things we never thought he would, all thanks to chef Amanda and the girls. The food is all fresh and healthy and prepared on site which is great.

Monkey Puzzle is an amazing place with such a professional approach to your child’s welfare, we couldn’t be happier. To us a great nursery is a home away from home, safe, fun, educational and this is exactly what they are, and much more.
It says it all when you can’t drive passed the nursery without tears and tantrums from them wanting to go in….
The recent Ofsted inspection is brilliant and so well deserved we cannot recommend this lovely place enough.
We are all one big family…..Thank you Monkey Puzzle” Charley & Simon

“We joined Monkey Puzzle Weybridge in April and we did research another nursery but we chose Monkey Puzzle for a number of reasons, location, opening hours, but most importantly – we got a good feeling when we looked round the nursery. The staff were friendly and the children seemed happy. We had a number of NCT friends who had also chosen Monkey Puzzle and this gave me confidence that it would be the best place for our daughter.

Since Jessica joined we have noticed many changes in her development; her eating has really improved. She loves the food there and eats loads! She has also gained a lot of independence and her repertoire of nursery rhymes has definitely expanded!

The regular Joint Development Plans really help the staff to focus on the development points that we are concentrating on at home. Everything that we have asked the nursery to help with, from eating, walking and talking have all improved with their support.

One of the biggest and best things that Monkey Puzzle Weybridge does is that they listen – any concerns or points we have raised have been listened to and dealt with quickly. I really feel like the staff have taken the time to get to know us as parents and that has definitely helped us feel confident that it’s the best setting for Jessica

The practitioners appreciate that all children have different needs. All of the staff have been great, but having a key carer has been so helpful for Jessica, especially during the period in which she was settling into nursery.  She adores her key carer Rachel, and having that one person who really knows your child, their likes , dislikes etc is invaluable

The recent OFSTED grading is great news and very well deserved. I know the staff have worked hard over the past 12 months to achieve this rating.

All the staff make an effort to get to know the parents and children and the nursery has a real welcoming, close knit feel.” Louise & Michael

“Our daughter has been coming to Monkey Puzzle for just over a year, recently increasing attendance from 2 to 3 days a week.

It was important to us that she attend a nursery in Weybridge to make drop offs and pick ups as easy as possible thus I researched into 2 other Weybridge nurseries viewing one of them.
We chose Monkey Puzzle for several reasons, it was close to home, it was available on the days we needed, we knew a couple of other parents whose children came here and importantly – upon visiting I liked the homely feel of the place.

Isabel has settled into nursery life fully and we feel confident that she is happy and safe here – especially when we pick her up and she says she wants to stay!
Since attending Monkey Puzzle Isabel has most noticeably grown in confidence, she is at ease talking to both the adults and her peers.  We put this down to the warm and friendly atmosphere created by the Monkey Puzzle team, in the morning we’re always greeted by a cheerful smiling member of staff.
It’s lovely now that Isabel has been at Monkey Puzzle for a while as the practitioners know her and she obviously feels comfortable with them, a good practitioner is someone who listens, educates and is fun in equal measure.

We’re very pleased with Monkey Puzzle’s recent Ofsted report especially with the focus on behaviour and welfare which we think is important for creating the best environment for learning and for happy healthy children.
At this age it is important for us that nursery feels a bit like a home from home which is the feeling we get from Monkey Puzzle.  If Isabel is enjoying herself, having fun and learning at the same time then we’re happy!” Abby & Gregory

“We only recently joined the Monkey Puzzle family from September 2017. The team have welcomed us with open arms from the very start. Even before Tyler started, Jenna and Claire visited Tyler’s previous setting to understand his needs and what support he would need. Before his first day, the team had already bought some sensory support equipment to help his transition. We were welcomed on his first day with everyone knowing his name, knowing what he enjoys and helping him make the transition easier.

Tyler was in a previous setting for 3 years and Sean and I researched at least 4 nurseries before walking into Monkey Puzzle and just getting that feeling like “this is it”. The “it” we felt included the team being supportive of Tyler’s needs, understanding that all children are different and the care given to supporting children through their development and emotions. Tyler has only been in the MP for a few weeks but he has already settled in wonderfully and the changes we are seeing him are great. He is able to focus more on group activities. He is learning so much, which is wonderful but also helps him, as he can get frustrated when he is bored. He keeps coming home telling us the new things he has learned and is now often heard singing to himself in bed, in French, or practising his Spanish! It is amazing. He is also being helped by the team to understand his emotions and know the right way to deal with them. He has made so many friends as not only are the carers at MP so welcoming but the children are as well, which just shows the family feel.

We couldn’t recommend Monkey Puzzle enough as there is the perfect mix of professionalism with family feel which just reassures us that they are looking after our little guy as if he was one of their own – because he is. Our thanks go out to Nikki, Jenna, Steph, Claire, Covy and the entire team at Monkey Puzzle for taking away any anxiety this Mum had and for making Tyler’s time at nursery educational, supportive and fun. Just what every child needs an outstanding and supportive nursery.” Cat & Sean

“As a single mother of a 1 year old baby girl, who was daunted about returning to work, for a new company, I wanted to be sure that my daughter was in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, whilst also ensuring that the establishment met my needs in terms of opening times and location.

When I visited Monkey Puzzle for the first time, with my daughter and my mother in tow, I was impressed by its warmth and cosiness. I loved the babies’ room and the people that I met. So, on the back of the friendly reception and a general good feeling about the place, we enrolled.

Lana (my daughter) started at the age of 1 and has only recently left, aged 3 ½. We had 2 ½ great years with Monkey Puzzle. Since joining, obviously, Lana has grown in to a perceptive, curious, amusing, happy and (sometimes naughty) pre-schooler. I was so impressed with some of the things she did during the days; things which I would not have thought within her capabilities and her knowledge of the world around her. One particular delight recently was finding out that she knew far more about the solar system than I do! Monkey Puzzle combines learning with fun in a safe environment, where the practitioners genuinely care for your little ones. I think that is what matters most; having people that want your little ones to grow and develop and both Lana and I were very sad when she said goodbye at the end of August.

I am in no way surprised at the latest Ofsted rating and would wish Nikki and the team all the best for the future. They do an amazing job!”

Sally C

“We’ve been with Monkey Puzzle as our only nursery since our daughter was 15 months old and she’s now 3 and ¾. We looked at 3 nurseries in total in the area and we chose Monkey Puzzle because it had such a sweet and homely feel. It came across as really friendly and welcoming, which was what we wanted. The hours are also ideal if we happen to need an early drop off one day.

Our little girl has grown up whilst being at Monkey Puzzle and is really settled there. She is always excited about her friends, what she has learnt and what she has contributed at nursery each day.

There is always something interesting going on at nursery and a very structured weekly plan for themes of learning. There are various topics covered and activities are often very innovative and engaging, which is amazing.

Monkey Puzzle has lovely staff who care about the children and enjoy helping them develop. The practitioners are very friendly and positive -makes a big difference as then the children feel energised as well.

We were very pleased that the recent OFSTED inspection went so well and it was totally deserved given all the efforts from all the staff. It’s a fantastic nursery and we’re proud it has been recognised as such.

It’s really lovely to have a family feel and makes the nursery very personable and supportive.” Jane & Toby

“I have had the pleasure of running weekly yoga sessions for Teenies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers since June 2015. I love the time I spend within the nursery watching the children grow and thrive in a wonderful environment with staff who genuinely care about their wellbeing and development.  I am always greeted with warmth and happiness from all the children and staff.

It is really encouraging to see that the management and staff at the Monkey Puzzle recognise the importance of extra-curricular activities and the benefits they bring the children. Regularly practicing yoga aids relaxation, improves co-ordination and balance, develops fine and gross motor skills, promotes health and wellbeing, boosts confidence and through themed/story-based sessions encourages imagination.

The staff are always supportive helping the children to engage in the sessions. I work with the staff to ensure the session I run support the children’s learning and themes. All sessions include the practice of yoga poses, breathing exercises, sensory activities and relaxation.

I am really excited to be running weekly sensory sessions for the Babies and know that the staff will continue to support me to ensure these are fun and safe for the Babies and aid their development.” Amber, Amber Therapies

“Our child has been enrolled at the nursery since January 2017 and attending since September 2017. Whilst pregnant we had researched other options such as child minders and had viewed 4 other local nurseries before visiting Monkey Puzzle. We knew immediately during our first visit to Monkey Puzzle that we wanted our child to attend there.

We were initially impressed with the welcoming atmosphere, happy children and friendly approachable staff, the flexible hours and caring secure environment confirmed that this was the right choice for us.

Since joining our son has developed in so many ways such as his movement, motor skills and confidence and he is so excited to attend each day. This is down to the exemplary care and support he has from the incredible staff that work there. There is something very special about knowing that you are leaving your child with such dedicated professionals who genuinely care and demonstrate an amazing capability every day. This has enabled my transition back to work to go smoothly because we know that he is receiving the best possible care in a nurturing environment.

The nursery’s recent inspection grading of ‘Good with Outstanding features’ is great news, but the parents who see Monkey Puzzle on a daily basis know that really this is a place that is beyond outstanding in every way. ” Hayley & Jamie

“Rupert has been coming to Monkey Puzzle since September 2016, just over a year. I did a lot of research beforehand. I thought about maybe having a carer for two afternoons a week but decided that a nursery environment would be better for Rupert so that he could interact with other babies. I visited three different nurseries locally – Monkey Puzzle was the first to be honest, I had no interest in the other two!

The moment I stepped through the door of Monkey Puzzle I knew it was where I wanted Rupert to go. It has a magical atmosphere that the other two nurseries lacked and the staff clearly adore working with children. For them, it isn’t just a job it’s a vocation. I know that Rupert is safe at Monkey Puzzle and that he will be cherished and nurtured.

Rupert is a very active and inquisitive little chap and clearly adores his time at Monkey Puzzle. It is wonderful that everyone who looks after him helps to encourage his development, which is so important.

The results of the recent OFSTED report are wonderful and well-deserved.” Wendy & Avril

“Congratulations on your well deserved Ofsted inspection results! I’ve been so impressed with the nursery since my little boy joined, not only in that it gives a real home from home environment but also your willingness to ensure that you’re thinking about his all round development and care with his other nursery.

Thanks for everything that you do, he just loves coming to you.” Sally E

“My daughter, Sienna, started at Monkey Puzzle Weybridge 2 years ago when she was 11 months old. I looked at other nurseries in the area but I had to go with my gut feeling, and felt that Monkey Puzzle had the nicest atmosphere and a small family feel.  I especially loved the in house chef, to ensure that Sienna grew up learning about food. I also liked that the rooms had different areas to move around in so that there would be the well needed variety in the surroundings.

The team at Monkey Puzzle were fantastic at getting Sienna settled in straight away and very understanding of the challenges parents face returning to work. Monkey Puzzle over the past two years is going from strength to strength. I love the app that shares updates and photos on Sienna’s developments. Since she has been in the Toddlers Room the learning and development support have been fantastic, whether it be learning to jump, throw, or name shapes and colours, they work with her closely and she is thriving in this environment.

I genuinely feel that the staff at Monkey Puzzle not only care about Sienna but are invested in her own learning and development journey, which as a mum, I believe to be invaluable.” Stuart & Sally

“Our child has been part of the nursery at Monkey Puzzle Weybridge for 10 Months now. We viewed another local Nursery in Weybridge; we also researched a few online but visited Monkey Puzzle and the other local nursery only. Our main reasons for choosing Monkey Puzzle Weybridge was that initially our Son was attracted by the Nursery logo, which he noticed from an early age. The nursery is also within close proximity to our house. The team were very welcoming and accommodating. We were also pleased with the building and facilities.

We have recognised a change in our Son since he joined. His general knowledge and the big words that he uses – his language has progressed. He has a lot of confidence and also progress from the social aspect.

MP Weybridge supports our child’s learning and development as the teachers focus on different subjects on a weekly basis, which seem to involve the kids and engage with them. This is the biggest and best thing that they do – teaching and general knowledge.

The teachers are great because they cater for both child and parents needs, they socialise with the kids and connect with them at their level and they have a lot of empathy

We believe the recent inspection and grading ‘Good with Outstanding features’ was under graded but as usually, there is always room for improvement, which we trust the Nursery will do.

We are pleased to feel part of the MP family – this is very admirable and being far away from our extended family, this sentiment means a lot to us.” Ahmed & Sarah

“Our son started in the Baby room at MP Weybridge when he was 10 months old and has recently moved up to Toddlers from the Teenies Room having just turned 2.5yrs old.  We researched MP Weybridge, plus two other local nurseries, well in advance of my return to work.  We viewed two of the nurseries and decided on MP Weybridge straight away after we visited.  It just felt right as the nursery manager walked us around – the setting felt homely and welcoming and all the staff were open and friendly.  I found this very reassuring at a time when I was dealing with the thought of leaving my son in the care of someone else (other than close family) for the first time.

After the inevitable ‘first day tears’ at drop off (from me and my son!), he settled into nursery very quickly.  It was such a relief, as he was a clingy baby and had only ever napped in my arms or on the move during the day.  The girls in the Baby Room were very understanding and clearly put a lot of effort into making sure my son settled in and felt comfortable in his new surroundings.  Over the past 18 months I have watched my baby grow into a happy, smiley, cheeky little boy, who seems to grow in confidence with his peers, others and me each and every day.

The MP environment and team are geared up to support my son’s learning and development on a day-to-day basis.  There is the much-needed structure, but also a great variety of activities, in a typical day at MP with lots of extra things going on to keep my son interested and engaged.  No matter who I am talking to – his room leader, monkey mate, the nursery manager or Nikki herself – everyone shows an enthusiastic interest in my son, his well being and what he has been up to – and they certainly seem to get up to a lot in one day!

The best thing for me about MP Weybridge is their personal touch – they show an interest in my son, our whole family and our wellbeing, providing lots of ways for us all to get more involved in the nursery community.  I know how challenging it can be looking after one little one (and now two little ones), all day, every day – in my opinion the keys to success are bags of energy and a huge dose of patience, but most important of all to me and my son is that his carers take an active interest in him, especially at a time when he is discovering things for the first time.

We are really pleased for Nikki and the team that they achieved such a good result in the recent Ofsted inspection.  It is clear to see all the hard work Nikki and the team have put in over the past 12 months to address the comments and recommendations received in the previous Ofsted report.  I am impressed that they have achieved such all-round improvements in a short space of time and have received only one suggested area for improvement in order for a higher rating to be considered.  It must have taken a lot of time and effort from the whole team to achieve such great results, but this certainly hasn’t resulted in any less time and effort being spent on my son.

We are happy to be part of the MP Weybridge family and although as busy parents we have very limited time, we do try and actively engage as much as possible.  Our son is certainly thriving at MP Weybridge, which is why we felt it was important for him to continue attending while I have been on maternity leave with his baby sister.  Our daughter has already been welcomed into the fold at every drop off and pick up and we look forward to her joining the MP family properly when I return to work again early next year.” Sue & Chris

“Our little girl has been at the nursery for 3 years. We chose Monkey Puzzle as we liked the home from home environment, and the standard hours (7.30 -6.30) worked well for us as we both work in London.

We always get a warm welcome from reception, from all members of the team.

Our little one was 11 months old when she started at the nursery. In the baby room there was always a friendly face ready to offer cuddles.  I was amazed by the arts and crafts activities she did at this early age. In Teenies we started see how independent and outgoing our little one could be and she started to make friends with her fellow Teenies. She loved all the group activities. By the time she moved to Toddlers her talking was really coming along. She absolutely loves Preschool and the structure of the activities they do. The things she’s learnt amaze me.  She can write her name and count really well.  At home she often asks how to spell her friends names, and just loves writing and drawing. She gets so engaged with the book theme of the week.  Supertato week and the Three Little Pigs have made a big impression – she loved making the different pigs and building their houses.  Dinosaur week was also a big hit. The children measured out the length of a dinosaur with their bodies.  In addition she’s learnt some French and Spanish words and was absolutely thrilled to receive the Mini Monkey Chef Star Baker award recently.

We firmly believe Monkey Puzzle has set our little one up with a strong foundation for starting School next Sept” Jo & Nathan

“Our little girl Edie has been with MP since March 2016. I viewed one other nursery in Weybridge before we visited MP, as soon as I walked through the door I knew it was the right place for Edie. I instantly felt so at ease. Nikki was so friendly and welcoming and this was a huge factor in our decision-making. The setting was also really bright and colourful and had that “home feel”.

Edie has thrived since joining MP. Her speech has come on phenomenally and she comes home telling us all the different types of food that she has eaten! Edie is so much more confident and I am certain this is a direct product of the relationships she has built with the careers and her MP friends.

Most certainly. MP is extremely engaging, always updating the EY log so I can see what Edie has been up to. Carers often approach me when collecting Edie to tell me what she is enjoying and new things she is learning.

I honestly think every aspect of Monkey Puzzle is fantastic. From ensuring Edie has really nutritious meals throughout the day, communication from MP to me and also being so flexible, I start work quite early on in the day so being able to drop Edie off at 7 is so helpful.

The teachers genuinely have an interest in looking after children and build solid relationships with the parents and children.

I was really pleased with this result. I think MP should have received outstanding all over 🙂

It makes me feel really pleased that Edie is in a setting that makes such an effort in this area, it ensures Rhys and I are completely at ease knowing MP are looking after Edie in the best way possible. ” Rhys & Taja

“Our daughter was with the Monkey Puzzle Weybridge team from the age of 9 months to 3.5 yrs old and still to this day (a month after she left) as she has transitioned to her next step, she talks with huge fondness of her nursery and the great friends she made there. She even asks after the staff as well as the other children.

We spent ages researching all the local nurseries, and there are a LOT in the Weybridge area and when we joined MP Weybridge was still in its first few months of operation. For us, we loved the space, and were impressed with Nikki and her team, as at 9 months you are VERY aware you are leaving your baby with strangers.

What a journey, our daughter has become a vivacious, self aware and openly friendly child that bonds with new people and has developed great social skills. For us the friendly open environment of MP Weybridge has always been key, such a lovely friendly team and the affection our daughter holds for them speaks volumes.

Katie was with our daughter from the beginning and as she progressed with the nursery, our daughter moved with her and our daughter still asks us about her. Proper bond.

They have always been quick to highlight areas for development and took full responsibility for helping her through those stages. Frankly, for us, MP Weybridge would get an outstanding across the board. It was with sadness that our daughter moved on, a decision made not by choice but by making sure she was in the next place at the right time, but will always look back with fond memories of our MP Weybridge journey… ” Martyn & Tanya

“Our daughter Juliet recently turned 3 and has been attending the Monkey Puzzle for 1 year. We moved to the area when she was 2 and she was previously attending a different nursery where we lived before. We were happy with our previous nursery but Monkey Puzzle has exceeded our expectations in every way. I think being able to draw this first hand comparison of care is really useful.

We spoke to at least 3 other settings in the area prior to choosing Monkey Puzzle. We decided to have Juliet attend for a number of reasons:

  • Friendly staff who genuinely care about individual children’s needs
  • In house chef and healthy meals prepared onsite
  • Attractive environment and décor
  • Convenient central Weybridge location
  • Extended 7.30am-6.30pm hours

Juliet has really enjoyed her time at Monkey Puzzle, which showed, mostly in her speech development. Although she was happy to attend her previous nursery she appeared to have selective mutism and was very quiet verbally there from what we were told.

That is certainly not the case at Monkey Puzzle as her Key Workers will regularly tell us how chatty and engaged she is. The nursery was amazing in supporting our daughter when she broke her leg at home earlier this year. The care and attention given to her (and us as parents) during this time was astounding and we remain very grateful to Monkey Puzzle for this. This individual care is one of the factors, which makes a great nursery in our opinion.

We are very pleased that Monkey Puzzle has received the recent “good with outstanding features” rating from Ofsted as it’s very well deserved. We feel a strong part of the Monkey Puzzle family and our new baby son will be also joining the nursery when I return to work next year. ” Talia & Mark

“Thank you for your email and congratulations on reaching two years. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work with Sehr. We have certainly seen the positive developments in Sehr in the last year and a half. Wishing you best of luck for the future.” Attia

“Happy Two Years! to you and all your staff. Our daughter has joined MP since May 2014. Nikki and MP staff have become our family’s friends. Communication has always been great and our daughter has a fantastic time there. Their understanding and support has been invaluable to us. We look forward joining the school this autumn and our daughter will join her school with great knowledge base provided by MP. Thank you all!” Monica Copacel​

“Imogen has been at Money Puzzle since May 2014 and we’ve always found the management team and staff to be friendly, approachable and generous with their time. The toddler team are a credit to Monkey Puzzle in particular Katie, Debbie and Claire. They work very hard and always happy to answer questions and provide a detailed handover at the end of each day. A big thank you! Here’s to another great year.” Lorraine

“We have been involved with Monkey Puzzle Weybridge right from the start (we actually held a meeting in the kitchen while the rest of the building was being finished!). Nikki and the team are wonderful. One of the biggest things that separates them from other nursery providers is the commitment to the quality of the recruitment of the staff – it is like one big happy family. The nursery is always lively and the staff are always finding new ways to keep children engaged and exploring their surroundings. Our coaches frequently mention that visiting is the highlight of their week. Keep up the good work everyone and here’s to many more years to come​” Dr Mark Gould – General Manager @ Sport4Kids​

“It’s been lovely for us to be part of the journey for so long…starting Emily in baby room when she had literally just turned 1 and soon she will be celebrating her 3rd birthday. In these last (not quite 2 years) she has been in all the rooms – starting in baby, moving into teenies (as it started), then toddlers and now pre-school. All the way she has learnt, played and made friends with both the other children and her various key workers. ​

For me, the testimonial is simple. ​It’s seeing Emily running down the hall way to pre-school to give Jon (or Debbie or Katie or Kate…..) a massive bear hug in the morning! How reassuring as a parent to know that she is so happy here at Monkey Puzzle and that to Emily, the staff are just part of her family. It means that we go to work without worrying about her, knowing she is safe, happy and cared for. ​
Best of luck for the coming year.” Helen

“Congratulations again on your 2nd birthday, it is hard to believe the nursery is so young when it already seems so well established.​
We have only been with the nursery for a few weeks, but already feel like part of the family. Everyone we have met has been so friendly and welcoming and have been on hand to help me settle in as much as help Adam.​

Adam is always happy playing when I arrive to collect him and (unfortunately for me) doesn’t seem that upset when I drop him off!​
I feel well informed, both about Adam’s progress and what’s happening at the nursery and importantly I see the staff constantly talking to each other, which is key to ensuring the babies’ needs are met.​

Nikki’s personal touch is reassuring and gives the nursery a real family feel. I am very happy to have chosen Monkey Puzzle and look forward to the fun we will have in the months ahead.​” Sue (and Adam) Nightingale

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Nikki, John,Laura,Kirsty and all the wonderful team at Monkey Puzzle Weybridge, for all the effort that they have put in looking after my son, who is 3 and in Pre-School. ​

This is a very good and safe environment that nurtures your child’s intellectual and social well being, and not to forget the level of cleanliness (I love the little toilets and the little sinks that are just perfect height for the children). ​

When my son is at nursery, I have no worries at the back of my mind because I know there is a great team that is taking very good care of him.In addition, the full time hours at the nursery are a perfect fit for all those parents with full time jobs or those mums (like me) that are looking to get back to work after a career break. Very Good job monkey puzzle, am very happy and very grateful. ” CN (a happy mum)

“We’ve barely been with you for two weeks. But I must say that we’ve received a very warm welcome from the entire team and the entire journey from information search to admissions to getting our daughter started, has been very smooth so far. It’s not been easy moving continents and specially not for our 4.5 year old daughter to begin afresh in a new way. But given the circumstances I think she has adjusted very well to the warm and caring environment of your nursery. Everyone has been attentive but most specially Laura and Jon have always heard me out and have lent a special welcome to our little girl to ease her way. I feel confident that she will be well taken care of at Monkey Puzzle. Nikki has been great with her personal touch and involvement. I wish team Monkey Puzzle all the best and greater success!​” DM

“I honestly never envisaged putting my baby in nursery at 13 months but when looking at our options it seemed the most viable option for us. We believe that even though he is little, our little boy needs a lot of stimulation, and to be ‘kept busy’ and also needs structure, comfort and familiarity. I looked round the monkey puzzle and all the boxes were ticked. As a Mum that has gone back to work but would rather be with my boy… The monkey puzzle have made the transition a lot easier and I take great comfort knowing he’s having fun and also building on his development.”LP

“I’m want to thank all of the team for giving my son Muhammad a very nice day at the nursery on his birthday and thank you very much for taking pictures for me and daddy, I just want to remind you to send them to us because we are very excited to see how the birthday had gone.” Sarah (Muhammad’s mum)

“Dear Nikki and all the team at Monkey Puzzle,

Although we have have only been at Monkey Puzzle a few months, our little boy has come on leaps and bounds in Pre-school. All the staff are ver friendly, warm and caring and we are so happy we chose Monkey Puzzle for our little one.

From the moment we had our show around we knew this was the right nursery for us and we are looking forward to the next year!

Thank you for all your support, kindness and enthusiasm in helping Braxton learn and enjoy his time at Nursery!” The Boden’s

“Sport4Kids has been working in partnership with Monkey Puzzle Weybridge for the past two years. The innovative S4K Early Years sport and exercise classes for children in toddler and pre-school age groups have always been well received by the children, who always show lots of great energy and excitement! The team at Monkey Puzzle has always been very supportive in helping encourage children to join in, and also speaking with parents about the classes. The partnership has seen Sport4Kids offer free sessions to children, meet the parents at pick-up times and also attend events hosted by the nursery. Keeping children active and fit in the early years can lead to a lifetime of health and well-being, so it has been great to work with an enthusiastic partner such as Monkey Puzzle Weybridge who shares Sport4Kids passion for inspiring children to move. I am sure it will be a partnership that grows over many years to come!”

“Huge Birthday Congratulations!

A few words with my thoughts about Monkey Puzzle (i also sang your praises to all the girls on my NCT course and i’m glad to see that they have taken my advice!)

‘The moment i walked through the door at Monkey Puzzle to look round, i could sense that it was a very special and totally unique Nursery. It really is a magical place and my son adores every moment he spends there. There is a wonderful family atmosphere and i know that Rupert is being nurtured and loved. I wouldn’t want him to be anywhere else.” Wendy

“Thank you Nikki and team for being a huge part of both our boy’s development over the last 3 years. They love coming to nursery and are always full of stories about the fun they’ve had at “monkey school”. We’ve watched them both blossom under your care. Happy birthday!”

“My little boy Zach started at Monkey Puzzle Weybridge the first year they opened in 2014 with his little brother joining him there in January 2016.

Zach has GDD (global developmental delay), which meant he only walked at 19 months and has speech and language delay too. I saw 7 nurseries in the area when looking for a place that was right for Zach at 2 years old as well as right for his energetic and sociable little brother.

I needed somewhere that would be supportive of Zach and his additional needs as well as be supportive of me as a working mum and we most certainly found the right place.

Zach blossomed at Monkey Puzzle (as did his little brother) and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and nurturing, which is just what he needed. We very quickly had a plan of support in place and we worked closely with nursery on all of Zach’s targets at each stage.

The nursery is warm, friendly and professional and most importantly the children loved going in each morning and always came out smiling.

I was thrilled to read about their recent Ofsted report because it is entirely deserved. Everyone from the managers to nursery staff in each room, works so hard to make it what it is and I’d recommend Monkey Puzzle Weybridge to any mum or dad looking for a nursery place for their precious little ones.” Matt & Lindy

“My husband Keith and I are really pleased that we chose Monkey Puzzle for our daughter, Eloise. We viewed two other nurseries and chose Monkey Puzzle because of its warm atmosphere and caring staff. All the staff know Eloise by name and we feel really happy and secure when we drop her off of a morning.

Eloise has been at Monkey Puzzle for ten months now and we are so pleased with her social development. She is encouraged to play alongside her peers and has become a confident and helpful little girl. One of her carers, Charlotte, said that her sense of humour is hilarious!

The opening hours from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm are also very helpful to working parents as well as the option of doing half days. Monkey Puzzle offers flexibility to its parents which we really value. ” Joanna & Keith

Juliette has been with the nursery for almost a year now; I chose Monkey Puzzle after visiting a few other nursery’s because I felt like it was a home! It’s a place where I felt comfortable and at ease so was sure that Juliette would feel the same warmth! The staff are always full of smiles and nothing is too much trouble, I feel my daughter is loved which is more than just childcare. She comes home full of beans with new skills and words to show me and is always so happy! This is a credit to the staff at the Monkey Puzzle and I will be sure to be enrolling my younger daughter when I’m ready to let go a little!” Gemma x 

“We have been a part of the Monkey Puzzle Weybridge family since Nov 2014, from when our son Josh was 10 months old. We had the normal expected nervousness/trepidation about sending our little boy to nursery, even for just 2 days a week. We did our research of all local nurseries and narrowed them down to a handful with one of our main criteria (along with a place we would be happy with) being opening hours. With the added strain of going back to work, we needed a nursery that opened early enough to drop him off so that we did not get to work too late, as well as one that stayed open long enough to allow for us to be delayed in picking him up. But our mind was made up after our visit on a sunny Saturday afternoon, were we attended an Open day with a personal guided tour by the Nursery Manager. It was just fantastic, not what I remember from my nursery days! We loved the layout and the fact that each age group had their own rooms, where they could get the attention they need. The sensory room in Babies was fantastic as Josh at the time was very much into watching lights. We were also very impressed with the meals that they served. Such a wide variety; wholesome and healthy.

Josh has gone from a little person who cried every time we dropped him off as a baby, to a little dude who now tells us to hurry, as he needs to get to nursery! He is a very confident individual, and constantly chats about the things he learns at MP. His latest topic is naming the planets and the various parts of the skeleton. The practitioners really know our boy, but not just his Monkey Mate, but also most of the girls who see him every time he is there. He knows them all by name.

One aspect we found particularly helpful was every now and then it will be Josh’s turn to have a ‘focus week’, where we can ask the nursery to assist in certain aspects of his development, e.g. helping is with his concentration. We love the EyLog system were we can read little reports of things he has done at MP, along with photos of him doing various tasks and activities.

We were pleased with the latest OFSTED result and feel the nursery thoroughly deserves this rating. We would highly recommend MP to anyone.” Brad

“We’ve been part of the Monkey Puzzle family since January 2016, so coming up 2 years! Our daughter was just 12 months old when she started attending full time.

We spent many hours discussing and researching option and visited two other nurseries in the area before choosing Monkey Puzzle for our little girl. There were a few things that led us to choose MP. Firstly the hours fitted in with our busy schedule, as two parents who work full time, the earlier open and later close time makes it really convenient. Secondly, we liked the various spaces and the facilities in the Baby Room compared with other places we’d seen; it seemed less hectic and more engaging for the children. Thirdly, we’ve always found MP really flexible and understanding, even before our daughter had started.  For example, we’d spent several weeks in NZ immediately before our daughter was due to start full-time care at MP and were concerned about finding the time to allow her to settle her in properly.  MP made it easy, suggesting we start ‘settling in’ before our long holiday with a small top-up when we got back. It really helped. We’ve only had two tearful days in our almost two years – and that was day 1 and day 2!

Although always a social little girl, the focus MP place on kindness and understanding has helped her to form some lovely friendships and develop into a caring and empathetic little person.

We really like the way that MP exposes the children to lots of different things – sports, music and languages as well as fun ways to start introducing letters and numbers. Amelie loves ‘Hola Amigos’ as well as reading and singing.  She’s taught us a few songs.

The biggest thing that MP does is they really care for the children! Amelie loves all her teachers and rushes to give them cuddles every day – even if we see them on their days off in the supermarket!  It’s also great that MP has understood the needs of busy parents and delivers a service that works for us as well as a great environment for children.

A great practitioner or teacher is someone who not only cares for the children but takes the time to form a relationship with the parents. Jo (the Room Leader in Toddlers) is brilliant and always makes herself available if we have questions or concerns.

The recent OFSTED inspection and grading ‘Good with Outstanding features’is well-deserved! We couldn’t agree more with the ‘outstanding’ for welfare, development and behaviour! The staff really care about the children, and they always seem relaxed and happy.

The nursery sees you us as part of its family, we think that’s really important as our daughter spends so much time at MP that we rely on everyone looking out for each other.  We feel comfortable with all the staff and feel the setting is small enough that everyone knows you and can say hello. There are also activities organised for parents to be involved regularly which is great.” Kate & Colin

“Our daughters have been going to Monkey Puzzle for almost three years. We looked around at several nurseries in the area and settled on Monkey Puzzle because we felt the environment and the setting was the most welcoming and balanced – from the engaging, welcoming and always approachable team, to the colourful rooms, the toys, the play area to the curriculum, the on-site chef and quality food preparation  – and parking is better too!

We viewed 2 other different settings and Monkey Puzzle was always our first choice by some distance.

Balancing work and home life is never an easy task. It’s been very reassuring knowing our children are happy and cared for at Monkey Puzzle. As such, we’re very happy with how the Monkey Puzzle Team have looked after our two daughters – they’ve always got smiles on their faces and they’ve always had a good time,– which is what you hope for when you say have to goodbye in the morning – that you get to pick up a happy child  who’s safe, been well cared for, and successfully fed at end of the day!

In addition, Monkey Puzzle provides a stimulating and inspiring learning environment, which has meant our girls have learnt and developed so much in their care – as well learning to play and socialise with other children. In particular, the nursery really encourages a two way dialogue between parents and carers about the child’s development and the various activities and projects they are undertaking.

As such, learning plans are a great way to for everyone to be clear and working together both at home and at nursery on the same development goals, and across everything, from learning to walk, talk, potty training, learning numbers, colours, to phonetics and writing, Monkey Puzzle have been with us every step of the way and undoubtedly played a key role in both our daughter’s development to date.

We also get to see via the on-line portal what our daughters up been up to that day or week – and as a result we feel very involved in what our children have been up to whilst at nursery.

The team at Monkey Puzzle are extremely caring and our girls talk so fondly about the nursery staff. As parents we feel very connected with the nursery and the way it is run.

For us, promoting healthy eating is important too. The food provided at the nursery is nutritious and balanced. Our youngest who is a fussy eater eats better at nursery than at home!

We wouldn’t say there’s one thing that Monkey Puzzle does best – but overall we couldn’t choose a safer, happier or better place to learn and develop for our 2 daughters – that everything adds up to that is very special in our book!

A great practitioner for us is someone who has empathy and emotional intelligence to understand both us as parents as well as our children, and who, like us, genuinely cares about how they behave, how they develop and learn – by creating an environment outside the home in which they can continue their learning and development – in a safe, friendly, encouraging and positive environment.

We’re really pleased that Nikki, Jenna and the team have the grading that we believe their efforts at the very least deserve – the road hasn’t always been easy however Nikki, Jenna and the team faced into the challenge – and we’ve all seen the improvements that have been made and how hard the teams have been working and continue to work – it’s not easy looking after children all day however our girls have always been very happy at Monkey Puzzle and we’re very pleased to say that we’ll be sticking with the Monkey Puzzle Team until our eldest reaches school age too.

Overall we couldn’t have been happier with our choice of nursery, and we also feel part of the Monkey Puzzle family – so much so that when we look for baby-sitters, the first and really only people we go to are the girls who’ve been caring during the week for our daughters – our daughters are always happy to see them (even if they’re not so happy about us going out!).

We’re all very thankful to the Monkey Puzzle Team for looking after our daughters so well – and we couldn’t recommend a more welcoming, friendly, nurturing, genuine and caring nursery and pre-school for our children to go – or of course, anyone else’s children!” Priya & Mark

“Our son has been attending MPW for 11 months now. Our process for choosing MP involved viewing several different nurseries in the area. The driver for us choosing Monkey Puzzle was the emotional connection we felt with the owner, Nikki, the staff and the homely setup. Our little boy has grown in confidence, knowledge and personality since joining. He is always talking about going to Pre-School and just the other week he asked if he could go in on a Sunday…

The structure at Monkey Puzzle really supports and encourages our little boys learning.  He comes home and talks excitedly about his day, for us its both the educational learning and the hands on activities that engage him.

The subjects that they discuss with the children are very well structured and relevant.  Our boy learns so much quicker as a result of this and is advancing extremely well for his age. To keep him interested is a big challenge yet they manage to achieve this through their style of learning.

For us a great key worker is someone who is able to really listen and relate to the children, they get so much from this and end up being far more engaged with their key worker.

We were really pleased for Monkey Puzzle when they got their recent Ofsted rating.  You can see the hard work that goes in on a daily basis and it feels more than worthy of the rating it received.  Its a combination of both their professionalism and the way they make you feel welcome that is really impressive.

Because of the way that Monkey Puzzle welcomed us as a family it feels normal for us to see them in that light.  We ‘hand over’ our child every day, you only do that if you trust the people who are looking after them.” Paul  

“Choosing a nursery was a big decision for us, Henry is our first, so we were unsure on what we should be looking for and how many nurseries we should see. We really appreciated that Monkey Puzzle actually advised us to visit other nurseries as well as them – in the end we visited two more before deciding.

To me choosing a nursery felt a bit like choosing a new home – it needed to feel ‘just right’ and like we wanted to stay. I immediately liked the feel of Monkey Puzzle when we visited, warm and friendly with plenty of happy noise! We also really liked that Monkey Puzzle wasn’t a huge nursery; it still had a homely feel and wouldn’t be too daunting for Henry.

The team at Monkey Puzzle helped Henry to settle in very quickly and were really welcoming to us too, understanding it was a time of change for us all. We’ve really got to know the team in his room and it’s lovely how much they know and understand him.

Over the last 10 months Henry’s learning and development has been really helped by being at nursery, especially his social and language skills.

Overall we’ve been delighted with Monkey Puzzle and Henry gets so excited when we pull up outside in the morning – looking forward to continuing his pre-school adventures with you all!” Katie H & Dan

“We have worked with Monkey Puzzle since it the nursery opened, over 3½ years ago!!! I can honestly say the nursery is a pleasure to work with.  Management and staff put so much effort into the children’s education by having a portfolio of extra curricular activities for the children to enjoy.  As a provider we understand the importance of introducing music and drama from an early age and Nikki and her team share our vision. We are delighted to be able to continue strengthening our working relationship with management, staff and especially the children! ” Hannah, TheatreBugs

“The evidence for the developmental benefits of play for our children is overwhelming and Monkey Puzzle have shown that they recognise the importance of play and music within their nursery by offering Gymboree Play & Music extra-curricular classes to their Babies and Teenies.

Designed by experts in early childhood development to help young children learn as they play, Gymboree Play & Music classes support Monkey Puzzle’s number one priority in encouraging children to learn and develop in the three prime areas of learning: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and Language, and Physical Development.

From portable Gymboree P&M equipment to encourage physical development – crawling, walking, climbing, sliding, balance and co-ordination to tactile and sensory activities, musical exploration with singing and a variety of musical instruments and parachute time, bubbles and dance each child is encouraged to feel comfortable to express themselves, build on their confidence and independence and develop their social interactions with each other through sharing, turn taking and having fun while learning together.” Lou, Gymboree